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Past Shows & Events


  • June 2018: The Merseybeats and Swinging Blue Jeans. SOLD OUT
  • April 2018: Dave Berry, Mike Berry, original founding member of The Hollies, bass player Eric Haydock, original founding member of Freddie and The Dreamers, lead guitarist/vocalist Derek Quinn, original Four Pennies vocalist/bass player and keyboard player Mike Wilsh and Gidea Park. SOLD OUT
  • February 2018: New Amen Corner with Special Guests Mike d'Abo of Manfred Mann and Chris Farlowe. SOLD OUT
  • December 2017: Mick Flinn Band with special guests Paul Layton, original member of The New Seekers, and Donna Jones of Springfield Revival, Pussyfoot and The New Seekers.
  • November 2017: Original Rubettes lead singer Paul da Vinci and his band 60s/70s Explosion plus The Tornados.
  • October 2017: John "Beaky" Dymond (Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich), Mick Avory and John Dalton (The Kinks), Alan Warner (The Foundations), Terry Rice-Milton (Cupid's Inspiration) and Gidea Park. SOLD OUT
  • February 2017: Mike Pender, Mike d’Abo and New Amen Corner. SOLD OUT
  • December 2016: Mick Flinn Band plus Special Guests Paul Layton (The New Seekers) and Donna Jones (The New Seekers and Pussyfoot). SOLD OUT
  • February 2016: Chris Farlowe, Cliff Bennett and New Amen Corner. SOLD OUT
  • December 2015: Mick Flinn Band plus Special Guests Paul Layton (New Seekers) and Donna Jones (Springfield Revival, Pussyfoot & New Seekers) SOLD OUT
  • February 2015: John Rossall, founder and leader of The Glitter Band, and fellow original Harvey Ellison plus their glittering group, supported by Look-In Back featuring past and present members of Les Gray's Mud, Les McKeown's Legendary Bay City Rollers and New Amen Corner.
  • December 2014: Karl Green (original vocalist/bass player of Herman's Hermits), Jim Rodford (vocalist/bass with The Kinks), Colin Hare (original vocalist/guitarist with Honeybus and 2nd lead singer of The Honeycombs), and Vanity Fare.
  • October 2014: Marmalade and the Mick Flinn Band. SOLD OUT
  • March 2014:: Linda Gail Lewis and her band Some Like It Hot, and John Leyton and The Flames with guest Mike Sarne. SOLD OUT
  • February 2014: Mike Pender, original lead singer/lead guitarist with The Searchers, and Vanity Fare, plus special guests Mike Wilsh (The Four Pennies) and Tony Newman (Pinkerton's Assorted Colours). Vanity Fare also performed as The Notorious Byrd Brothers playing the hits and other classics of The Byrds. SOLD OUT
  • December 2013: Chris Farlowe, Dave Berry and Vanity Fare. SOLD OUT
  • November 2013: The Undertakers, Beryl Marsden, Karl Terry and The Shakers. SOLD OUT
  • February 2013: Paperlace, Jeff Christie (original lead singer/guitarist with Christie) and Vanity Fare. SOLD OUT
  • December 2012: The Rockin' Berries with special guests Rick Price of The Move and Wizzard, Mike Berry, and Steve Gibbons. SOLD OUT
  • December 2012: The Foundations featuring Alan Warner and Vanity Fare with their Special Guests, original Nashville Teens lead singer Ray Phillips and Lonnie Donegan Jnr. SOLD OUT
  • October 2012: Mungo Jerry plus special guests The Swinging Blue Jeans. SOLD OUT
  • June 2012: Benny Gallagher of McGuinness Flint and Gallagher & Lyle, Vanity Fare, Beryl Marsden and The Shakers. SOLD OUT
  • February 2012: Brian Poole and Chip Hawkes with Electrix, plus Special Guest Noel Harrison. SOLD OUT
  • December 2011: Chris Farlowe & Vanity Fare with special horn and wind section Nick Payn (Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings) and Matt Winch, plus special guests Alan Warner (The Foundations), Mike Tinsley (Hedgehoppers Anonymous) and Colin Hare (Honeybus). SOLD OUT
  • December 2011: New Amen Corner plus Special Guests Cliff Bennett and original Rebel Rousers saxophone player Sid Phillips. SOLD OUT
  • November 2011: John Walker Tribute Concert starring The Dakotas, Gary Walker (The Walker Brothers), Sandy Newman (Marmalade), Alan Lovell (The Swinging Blue Jeans) and Jog The Memory.
  • October 2011: Charlie Gracie, John Leyton, Linda Gail Lewis, Chas McDevitt and The Flames. SOLD OUT
  • July 2011: The Rapiers & Miss Billie Davis invite you to this special night dedicated to the memory of Jet Harris. Plus special guests Bruce Welch, former Shadows bass player Alan Jones, Keith Powell, Russ Sainty & Jet's former keyboard player Paul Matthews. SOLD OUT
  • June 2011: Vanity Fare plus special guests Ray Phillips of The Nashville Teens and Lonnie Donegan Jnr.; and The Shakers plus special guest Nicky Crouch of The Mojos. SOLD OUT
  • April 2011: The Rockin' Berries with special guest Rick Price from The Move and Wizzard, and The Swinging Blue Jeans plus special guest Mike Wilsh of The Four Pennies. SOLD OUT
  • February 2011: New Amen Corner and Chip Hawkes plus special guests Mick Clarke of The Rubettes and Terry Rice-Milton and Bernie Lee of Cupid's Inspiration. SOLD OUT
  • December 2010: Craig Douglas Benefit Concert starring Craig, John Leyton, Jet Harris, Mike Berry, The Flames, Chas McDevitt, The Tornados' leader Clem Cattini, Russ Sainty and David “Diddy” Hamilton. SOLD OUT
  • December 2010: Chris Farlowe and Vanity Fare plus special guests Mike Tinsley of Hedgehoppers Anonymous, Colin Hare of Honeybus and Alan Warner of The Foundations. SOLD OUT
  • November 2010: Tony Burrows of Edison Lighthouse, The Flowerpot Men, White Plains, The Ivy League etc, Sue Glover of Brotherhood Of Man, Billie Davis and Keith Powell. SOLD OUT
  • October 2010: New Amen Corner and Steve Ellis. SOLD OUT
  • June 2010: Mungo Jerry and The Swinging Blue Jeans. SOLD OUT
  • April 2010: John Leyton, Mike Berry, Charlie Gracie, The Flames, The Saints, Bobby Rio and The Triumphs. SOLD OUT
  • February 2010: Chris Farlowe, Vanity Fare and The Bruvvers. SOLD OUT
  • December 2009: New Amen Corner, Cliff Bennett with Rebel Rouser Sid Phillips, and special guests Cupid's Inspiration. SOLD OUT
  • October 2009: New Amen Corner, Mike d'Abo and surprise special guests Cupid's Inspiration. SOLD OUT
  • May 2009: The Rapiers and The Shakers. SOLD OUT
  • February 2009: Mike Pender, Vanity Fare and The Bruvvers. SOLD OUT
  • December 2008: The Rubettes and Julie Felix. SOLD OUT
  • October 2008: Chip Hawkes and New Amen Corner. SOLD OUT
  • June 2008: Steve Ellis and New Amen Corner. SOLD OUT
  • March 2008: The Rapiers' 25th Anniversary Concert with Special Guests Jet Harris, Billie Davis,Mike Berry, Danny Rivers, Bill Bonney of The Fentones and Kytsun “Cliff Richard” Wolfe. SOLD OUT
  • February 2008: Craig Douglas, John Leyton, Jess Conrad & Rockin' Horse. SOLD OUT
  • December 2007: The Fortunes and John Leyton. SOLD OUT
  • November 2007: Elvis and Shakin’ Stevens Night with Ricky Aron & Good Rockin' Tonight.
  • October 2007: Vanity Fare, The Honeycombs and The Love Affair.
  • June 2007: Cliff Bennett and New Amen Corner. SOLD OUT
  • February 2007: Dave Berry and The Cruisers and Keith Potger of The Seekers.
  • December 2006: Shadow Music Charity Christmas Concert.
  • December 2006: Jet Harris, Billie Davis, The Rapiers and The Songbirds. SOLD OUT
  • November 2006: Mike Berry & The Outlaws and John Leyton.
  • October 2006: The Dakotas and Peter Sarstedt.
  • September 2006: Craig Douglas and The Tornados.

Other Events

  • December 9 2011: Sixteenth Mega Music Quiz
  • October 7 2011: Fifteenth Mega Music Quiz
  • June 3 2011: Fourteenth Mega Music Quiz
  • March 25 2011: Thirteenth Mega Music Quiz
  • November 26 2010: Twelfth Mega Music Quiz
  • April 30 2010: Ninth Mega Music Quiz
  • May 1 & 2 2010: Alan Warner (The Foundations) and Derek Mandel (former Beatle George Harrison's band) at the Beer Festival staged by our host venue The Polish Club
  • February 26 2010: Ninth Mega Music Quiz
  • September 25 2009: Eighth Mega Music Quiz
  • July 11 2009: The Shakers at the annual members party of our host venue The Polish Club
  • May 2 2009: Seventh Mega Music Quiz
  • April 17 2009: Sixth Mega Music Quiz
  • January 30 2009: Fifth Mega Music Quiz
  • November 28 2008: Christmas Special Mega Music Quiz
  • September 19 2008: Third Mega Music Quiz
  • July 19 2008: The Shakers at the annual members party of our host venue The Polish Club
  • July 4 2008: Second Mega Music Quiz
  • April 18 2008: First Mega Music Quiz
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